Radoil’s patented Loc-Torus Hydraulic Connector was designed to fit standard wellhead hub or mandrel profiles. However, it has recently been designed for smaller applications such as 5” and 7” Fracture Manifold systems. It provides a sure connection at the wellhead, the re-entry mandrel for BOP/Riser systems or Completion / Frac Tree assemblies. Our Loc-Torus design ensures that the dogs are easily and uniformly operated into the engaged or disengaged positions similar to the “lock over-center” (Loc) effect of a light switch. When locked, the dogs cannot be unintentionally moved into the unlocked position and when unlocked, the dogs cannot be unintentionally moved into the locked position.

Therefore, the Loc-Torus, with its position indicator rod, provides a certain connection and a certain disconnection with no tendency to self-release under bore pressure loading or vibrations. The Loc-Torus preload is mechanically set prior to installation and is equipped with a secondary manual release system in the event of hydraulic failure. The bottom plate ensures that the torus does not pass the proper alignment while in the locked position, thus guaranteeing proper operation during future disconnection.

Technical Specification

No Tendency to Self-Release under Pressure or Vibration

Does Not Require Holding Pressure for Locking

Preload Mechanically Set

Automatically Retracts Dog Segments

Independent Secondary Release System

Fits Standard Hub or Mandrel Profiles

Meets API 6A and 16A

Multiple Bore/Pressure combinations available

Christmas tree to Wellhead Connection