The Loc-Torus II is a remotely operated Hydraulic Frac Connector specifically designed to
Lower Operating Costs and Improve Safety for the high demands of hydraulic fracturing
applications. The remote operation allows connecting the wireline tool string and BOP remotely
without personnel entering the high-pressure danger zone. This allows the pressure pumping to
continue while the tool string is removed and perforating charges are changed out on multi-well
pads. The remote operation eliminates the need for a man to go up in a basket lift to disconnect
and connect the BOP connection. By continuing with the pressure pumping while changing
perforating charges, the time savings are between 20-40 minutes per each stage, paying for
itself in just one well. The hydraulic connection provides a sure connection between the Blow
Out Preventer and the top of the frac tree. The Loc-Torus II design is based on the company’s
Patented Loc-Torus lock over center subsea connector design.


It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Completions Optimization through Innovation:
    • Class leading reliability
    • Redundant on-site and on-board components minimize chance of downtime
    • Connected system monitors operations real-time and informs maintenance scheduling
  2. Cost Reduction through Simplicity:
    • Keyed switch to lock or unload simplifies operation
    • Automated, failsafe safety design
    • No additional personnel onsite to manage
  3. Support through Technology:
    • Routine preemptive service calls, upgrades, and training included
    • Alarm monitoring and 24/7 support
    • Adoption by Major operators across several basins for completion Best Practices *
      client testimonials available

Watch here how easy the remote connector is to rig up & operate.